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HP307MThe vertical resistivity tester

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The vertical resistivity tester is mainly used for measuring the vertical resistivity and contact resistance of membrane fuel cell carbon paper battery carbon paper, bipolar plates, all vanadium flow battery electrodes, iron chromium flow battery electrode materials or other materials. Porous carbon paper produced from carbon fiber as raw material, abbreviated as carbon paper, has breathability and conductivity. This machine is also called a carbon paper vertical resistivity tester or a bipolar plate contact resistance tester.

1、 The vertical resistivity tester is based on the following standards:

GB/T20042.7 Proton Exchange Membrane Fuel Cells Part 7: Test Methods for Charcoal Paper Characteristics

GB/T20042.6 Proton exchange membrane fuel cells - Part 6: Test methods for bipolar plate characteristics

NB/T 42082-2016 Test Method for Electrodes of All Vanadium Flow Batteries

NB/T42007-2013 Test method for bipolar plates used in all vanadium flow batteries

T/CEEIA 577-2022 Technical requirements and testing methods for electrode materials used in iron chromium flow batteries

GB/T24525-2009 Carbon materials Determination of electrical resistivity Part 4.3 Determination of electrical resistivity of carbon products

2、 Test principle of vertical resistivity tester:

The sample is placed between two electrodes, and a certain pressure is applied on both sides of the electrode. During the testing process, the instrument automatically records the resistance values at different pressures, and then automatically calculates the resistivity based on the formula.

3、 Technical characteristics of vertical resistivity tester:

1. Touch screen display, real-time display of pressure, pressure, resistance, etc., fully automatic completion of testing.

2. Adopting digital speed control high-performance motor, driving precision screw pair, precise transmission, and smooth operation.

3. Using high-precision CHCONTACH sensors from the United States, the testing accuracy is high.

4. Standard micro printer, can print at any time, can statistically process multiple test results, maximum value, minimum value, average value.

5. The upper and lower pressure plates are made of high-quality copper plated with gold, which has good conductivity and small errors.

6. The large screen displays the corresponding resistance value for every increase of 0.01mpa during the test process, and saves it on the screen for clear display.

7. Experimental data can be saved and experimental results can be queried by batch number.

8. One machine dual-use, menu can select carbon paper vertical resistivity test or bipolar plate contact resistance test.

9. Professional measurement and control software, the local control software has a software copyright certificate issued by the National Copyright Administration.

4、 Technical parameters of vertical resistivity tester:

Measurement range: (100-10000) N (0.05-5.0 MPa); 1 μ Ω -20k Ω

Resolution: 0.1N

Accuracy: ± 0.5%

Pressure sensor: CHCONTACH, USA

Resistance resolution: 1 μ Ω, 0.001m Ω

Test speed: (1-300) mm/min

Sample area: 4cm 2, 20x20mm

Parallelism of upper and lower pressure plates:<0.025mm

Upper and lower pressure plate diameter: 80 mm (customizable)

External dimensions: 360 x 320 x 580mm

Mass: 35kg

Power supply: 220V, 50Hz

5、 Basic configuration of vertical resistivity tester:

Host, gold-plated electrode, low resistance measuring instrument, certificate of conformity, instruction manual, warranty card, power cord.