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HP301The short distance compression testing machine

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The short distance compression testing machine is a new type of instrument developed in accordance with the requirements of the standard ISO 9895 and the national standard GB/T 2679.10 "Short distance compression testing method for paper and paperboard". Mainly used for manufacturing paper and cardboard boxes, it is also suitable for paper sheets prepared in the laboratory during pulp testing.

Technical characteristics:

1. Pneumatic clamping of the specimen to reliably ensure the parameters specified in the standard.

2. Touch screen display, simple and convenient operation.

3. It can be tested vertically and horizontally, and can be printed.

4. Power off data saving function, which preserves data before power off after startup and allows for continued testing

5. Display real-time force values during testing to facilitate user observation of the testing process.

Technical parameters:

1. Measurement range: 0-500 N

2. Sample clamping force: 2300 ± 500 N (gauge pressure 0.3-0.45Mpa)

3. Resolution: 0.1N

4. Accuracy of indication: indication error ± 1%; Value variability 1%

5. Free spacing between sample clamps: 0.70 ± 0.05 mm

6. Test speed: 3 ± 1 mm/min (relative movement speed of two fixtures)

7. Sample clamping surface size: length x width: 30mm x 15mm

11. Printer: Thermal printer

12. Power supply: AC 100-240V 50/60Hz 50W, reliably grounded

13. Room temperature: 20 ℃± 10

14. Gas source: Gas source pressure above 0.4Mpa (gas source self provided)

15. Dimensions (length x width x height:) 755mm x 425mm x 280mm

16. Weight: 45Kg

Short distance compression testing machine configuration:

Standard configuration: host, pneumatic fixture, micro printer, manual, power cord, certificate of conformity

Optional: Air compressor