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H309 The conductive foam compression resistance tester

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Product Usage

The conductive foam compression resistance tester is suitable for testing the compression resistance of products such as conductive foam, foam tape, conductive film, conductive cloth, and conductive tape. This machine is also known as a conductive foam pressure impedance tester, a conductive foam compression resistance tester, a conductive foam compression resistance tester, and a conductive tape compression resistance tester.

Test principle of compression resistance tester:

The sample is placed between two electrodes, and a certain pressure is applied on both sides of the electrode. During the testing process, the instrument automatically records the resistance values at different pressures.

Functional characteristics of the conductive foam compression resistance tester:

1. Computer control: Real time measurement and display of test force, pressure, resistance, displacement and other signals; Implement real-time acquisition and control on platforms such as Win2000 and WinXP modes; High speed sampling, experimental process control, changes in beam movement speed, parameter input, and other operations can all be completed with a keyboard and mouse, making it convenient and fast to use;

2. Realize screen display of various test curves such as load deformation and load resistance; Display compression rate/height/compression force value/resistance test results.

3. The experimental data is stored in text files for the convenience of users to query, and the experimental data is reprocessed using general reports and word processing software, while facilitating the transmission of data through the internet;

4. Test reports can be printed in the format required by the user. Users can choose to report basic information, test results, and test curve content to meet various needs;

5. Adopting digital speed regulation and driving precision screw feed, achieving a wide range of speed adjustment and smooth operation;

6. Protection: Equipped with upper and lower limit photoelectric protection switches to prevent exceeding the preset stroke; Emergency brake switch;

7. Independent fine-tuning switches for up and down stroke configuration.

Technical parameters of conductive foam compression resistance tester:

Measurement pressure range: 100) N (1kg, 2kg, 5kg, 10kg, 20kg optional)

Measure the resistance range; 1 μ Ω -20k Ω

Resolution: 0.1N

Accuracy: ± 0.5%

Resistance resolution: 1 μ Ω, 0.001m Ω

Test speed: (1-300) mm/min

Sample area: 4cm 2 or other

Compression fixture: gold-plated copper block

Parallelism of upper and lower pressure plates:<0.025mm

Upper and lower pressure plate diameter: 80 mm

External dimensions: 430 x 350 x 710mm

Mass: 85kg

Power supply: 220V, 50Hz

Standard configuration of conductive foam compression resistance tester:

Host, low resistance tester, online control software, Lenovo computer, HP inkjet printer.